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Updated: Jan 16

  • Zia Star Records is a revolutionary, Indigenous-owned and operated record label in the Southwest that works to promote, preserve, and empower Indigenous culture through music. Founded with the mission of creating opportunities for Indigenous artists of all ages and music styles, Zia Star Records seeks to create visibility and recognition for Indigenous musicians from around the world. This label showcases a wide array of music genres including folk, rock, jazz, blues, hip hop and country. This unique platform aims to utilize the power of art to bridge gaps between cultures in an effort to foster a more inclusive society where everyone’s voice is heard. Zia Star Records has an incredible team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing support and resources to their communities.

  • In addition to providing educational resources that help young Indigenous people pursue their dreams in music production, they also offer support towards developing skill sets related to marketing, social media outreach and networking within the industry. Through this they equip indigenous artists with the necessary tools to achieve success in their respective fields.

  • The goal of Zia Star Records is not only to provide access to high quality musical performances but also foster a creative environment where indigenous people can feel comfortable expressing themselves freely without judgement or prejudice. The label has also made commitments towards giving back by donating proceeds from concert sales back into the local communities they serve.

  • In order to further promote visibility for their artists Zia Star Records partners with several organizations such as the National Museum of American Indian which showcases exhibitions featuring Indigenous art forms ranging from traditional dance performances to modern-day fashion shows. By partnering with these organizations they have been able to reach out into both local and international markets ensuring that no artist goes unnoticed or unrecognized for their hard work and dedication.

  • Zia Star Records is proud of its commitment towards preserving and promoting indigenous culture through music. Beyond its tremendous efforts in providing educational resources for aspiring musicians it has also provided invaluable opportunities for growth within our global music community by showcasing unique talents from around the world. By supporting Zia Star Records we can continue fostering an inclusive society where everyone can share their voices regardless of race or background through art and education ultimately helping create unity among people from all walks of life!

We are not Alone!

We are no Longer Invisible .............

We will be hosting a number of topics for healing and Cutural preservation.

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