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Pony Man )'(

Zia Star Records always strive to create music that is unique and sounds great. Browse through the following selection of reviews relating to Zia Star Records, covering everything from insights on the evolution of their musicality, to ratings of their latest work and recent performances. 
Arriving February 13, 2023 "Sky Dance" a deep house mix created by C. Pony Vigil AKA Pony Man is the CEO and Executive producer at Zia Star Records, and has been in the film and music business for over 35 years. He has produced Olympic events and world record-breaking performances, including the largest children's choir in the world - which earned him a Guinness World Record. C. Pony is also an early innovator in technology, with over 40 years of experience in information systems.
Most importantly, he is dedicated to creating Indigenous Industry standards for Circular Economies - ensuring that Indigenous communities can thrive sustainably into the future.As a burner of Burning Man for over 3 decades, he has been creating chants and prayers for our world tribal family. We have created EarthDance, Burning man, Coachella, and a few more we can't announce as of yet! Our tribal world family is made of artists and film makers who have changed our view of the world. 


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